Investment in a New Real Estate Development Project in Metro Manila with DMCI Homes

Posted on December 19, 2023

Marubeni Corporation (hereinafter, “Marubeni”) has agreed to a strategic collaboration with a leading housing developer in the Republic of the Philippines (hereinafter, “Philippines”), DMCI Project Developers, Inc. (hereinafter, “DMCI Homes”), which operates under the “DMCI HOMES” brand and is part of the major conglomerate DMCI Holdings, Inc. (hereinafter, “DMCI Holdings”). For the first phase of this collaboration, Marubeni will participate in the residential development and sale of the project “The Valeron Tower” in Pasig City, Metro Manila (hereinafter, the “Project”). The Project consists of the large-scale development of a 55-story single-tower dual-wing designed condominium with a total of 1,962 residential units targeting the rapidly growing homebuyer market in Metro Manila. 

The Metro Manila area is the center of commerce, finance, and culture in the Philippines, and Pasig City, the location of The Valeron Tower, is one of the areas that has been experiencing rapid economic growth. The population of the middle-income group in the city has recently been increasing due to its concentration of commercial and public facilities, well-developed infrastructure, and easy access to major roads throughout the entire Metro Manila area. Therefore, housing demand in the area is expected to increase further.

DMCI Homes, the business partner for the Project, has established its popularity by providing properties that are value for money, resort-inspired, and of higher quality compared to those of its competitors and by handling all aspects of its projects in-house, from design and product planning to construction, sales, and management, since its foundation. DMCI Homes is also the first company in the Philippines to be accredited with the highest domestic real estate license AAAA (Quadruple A) and has a substantial track record of supplying approximately 80 properties with over 80,000 units* mainly in Metro Manila.

The companies under DMCI Holdings are engaged in construction, mining, power generation, real estate development, and palm plantation businesses, and Marubeni has collaborated with them in various fields, including construction and mining machinery and water and sewage projects in the Philippines. Through this strategic collaboration with DMCI Homes, Marubeni aims to strengthen its relationship with DMCI Holdings, further enhance its consumer-oriented businesses in the rapidly growing Philippines, and contribute to the local community by providing high-quality living environments based on its real estate development and related business expertise accumulated both domestically and internationally. Furthermore, Marubeni will support DMCI Homes’ business diversification and explore new housing developments in the Metro Manila area and its surroundings, responding to new customer needs and business opportunities in the growing Asian real estate market for mid- to long-term business expansion.

News Release by Marubeni Corporation