Investment in the IVF-Related Business in the Philippines

Posted on April 04, 2023

Marubeni Corporation (“Marubeni”) and TOWAKO REPRO BIO CELL INC., which operates an IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) clinic in the Republic of the Philippines (“Philippines”), will conduct a joint venture in the country’s IVF-related business (“Project”) by investing in Conceive IVF Manila Inc. (“CIMI”), which operates an IVF diagnostic center. For the Project, CIMI will collaborate with Kato Ladies Clinic (“KLC”), which has extensive experience in IVF treatment in Japan, and will provide IVF-related services supported by KLC’s technology.

In recent years, due to changes in working styles and lifestyles, the need for IVF has been increasing around the world. In addition, the concept of “Diversity and Inclusion*” has become widespread in society, and as part of this trend, governments and companies are increasingly working to expand support systems for IVF and childbirth, and to improve the environment for childcare and education.

This Project will expand the functions of CIMI and transform it from an IVF diagnostic center to a full IVF clinic, providing comprehensive IVF-related services ranging from infertility work-up (cycle tracking and artificial insemination) to assisted reproductive treatment (in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection) and follow-up after pregnancy for couples suffering from infertility.

Marubeni has been developing its healthcare business in Southeast Asia, China, the Middle East, and other regions, and operates a clinical laboratory testing business in the Philippines. Marubeni will participate in this project as its first IVF-related project and will continue to contribute to solving social issues around the world, including bridging the gap between supply and demand by expanding medical infrastructure in the Philippines.

News Release by Marubeni Corporation